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L'Acadie Nouvelle aujourd'hui 25 octobre - Acadiens de partout. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Acadiens de partout.

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L'Acadie Nouvelle aujourd'hui 25 octobre [Oct. 25th, 2006|09:06 pm]
Acadiens de partout.


Hi there,

I'm an Acadian in NS. I can't find anywhere here that sells L'Acadie Nouvelle but there are 2 articles that talk about me (Lise Robichaud) and a project I am working on with Caroline-Isabelle Caron in today's paper (In the Arts section, about the mystere de Jerome). I would pay for the newspaper and for postage if someone could send me today's paper and keep an eye out in tomorrow's and the next day for another article that might come out regarding this project. Is anyone interested? I'd really appreciate it!

From: gomu
2006-11-14 02:57 am (UTC)
(I'm not really good in english... so sorry if it has any mistake) I just want to let you know that I found something on the Internet! I don't have any newspaper because I don't live in New-Brunswick anymore but I found those articles....




So, let me know if that help you...
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